Welcome to Everyday Snufflin’!

After going through some injuries and health issues with my personal dog that required him to be less active, I learned just how important mental stimulation is for our furry family members! Enter the SNUFFLEMAT!

Snufflemats engage our dogs natural instincts to sniff and search but they aren’t just for dogs! Some feline friends also enjoy snufflemat enrichment!

Many snufflemats you see now are made with thin, plastic backings.
Not ours!
All Everyday Snufflin’ snufflemats are made with a 12×12” recycled rubber mat base so they are made to last! Each mat has over 70 hand cut and tied, 2” wide fleece strips, making finding treats or food a challenge but also enriching for your pet!
Thank you for supporting local crafters and for enriching your pet’s lives!

Not only do we work to enrich pets lives, we routinely donate and support nonprofit organizations! We love supporting those who promote animal welfare and pet adoption and have proudly donated to silent auctions benefitting Misspits Rescue (WA), Stand Up For Pits Foundation (national), and Animal Aid (OR).