Uses & Benefits

  • Slows down speedy eaters.

  • Provides stimulation for dogs who aren’t as mobile or recovering from surgery/on restricted activity.

  • Can help with behavior modification – Snufflemats can be used to make new places fun and exciting for your pup or help redirect anxiety if your pup is anxious when new people come to your home.

  • Great for nose work!

  • Provides enrichment during inclement weather. 

  • Encourages natural foraging behaviors.


Snufflemat Care

  • Hand wash with cold water & mild detergent. Let your mat airdry. 


  • Machine wash on delicate cycle (remember, NO chlorine bleach). Tumble dry on low (remember, NO dryer sheets) and remove immediately.

Snuffleball Care

  • Hand wash with cold water & mild detergent. Do not put in washing machine. Snuffleballs are held together by zipties (with rounded smooth edges) and will melt. 

As with any pet toy, please supervise your pet to ensure they are playing with the snufflemat appropriately and do not ingest fleece or rubber. When they are done enjoying their snufflemat session, remove the mat and put it away in a safe place until the next session!
We find by using the snufflemat or snuffleball as enrichment, our furry friends quickly learn its a fun activity, not a toy to destroy!

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